Why some people wind you up, stress you out or make you feel anxious
Have you ever wondered why some people wind you up, stress you out or make you feel anxious. It’s not really something we take the time to explore. Is it our intuition giving us a warning? or could there be another reason?

I remember many many years ago, when I was introduced to a new work colleague, she instantly wound me up. Every time we spoke I got a weird uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach. I couldn’t put my finger on why she had this effect on me, everyone else thought she was wonderful. My behaviour changed when I was around her and guess who got the promotion? well it wasn’t me! Our relationship never changed and I moved on to start my own business. That was nearly 30 years ago but I still remember her and how she made me feel.

What I’ve discovered since using Emotional Freedom Technique and working through many of my own beliefs and blocks. It was her tone of voice! Lets call her ‘Jane’. Jane reminded me of one of my junior school teachers who always sent me out of the class. I was made to stand outside in the draughty corridor and wait for the headmaster to come along and tell me off.

This usually happened when a few of us in class were talking when we weren’t supposed to be – but, here’s the rub. It wasn’t always my fault, but having bright red hair didn’t really help. I was very noticeable so it was always me that got sent out. It was totally unfair and I took on the belief that it didn’t matter if I was well behaved or not, I was still going to get the blame.

So when ‘Jane’ spoke to me I felt undermined and on edge, I assumed she would blame for something I didn’t do or unfairly judge me. I wasn’t my confident happy-go-lucky self around her and everyone could see it. Of course, at the time I didn’t know why and we never became friends – none of which was her fault.

Echos from our childhood can follow us around deep in the subconscious and secretly undermine us. It could be the voice of your mother, father, siblings, friends or teachers. These voices become ‘hidden’ beliefs which lead to our behaviours, emotions and unhealthy patterns.

Does anyone in your life, be it in business or at home, give you unwelcome feelings, over step your boundaries or have you tip toeing around and not being yourself? If so, I can help.

I work with high achieving women to uncover, release and resolve stress, anxiety, overwhelm and unhelpful patterns that are having an impact on their career, relationships or emotional wellbeing.

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Heidi Wells, Accredited Coach, Accredited EFT Practitioner, Mindfulness Teacher and Intuitive Consultant.