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You live most of your life in your head, make sure it's a nice place to be!


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Breakthrough the thoughts, feelings, patterns and emotions that are keep you stuck, anxious or powerless… have better relationships, career success, feel self-assured and happier.  

Your mind can be your greatest tool or your worst enemy – change mind and change your life!

Better relationships, career success, family dynamics, your wealth, health and most of all…. your relationship with yourself!

EFT Tapping is an energy psychology technique that’s been changing people’s lives for many years. Used as an emotional healing tool to eliminate fear, anxiety, limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, pain, trauma and releasing and resolving past hurts.

If you feel triggered by the past, toxic people or situations, this is for you…

EFT Tapping is also amazing at finding and healing the hidden cause of self-sabotage and quietening the ‘inner critic’. 

If your emotions are affecting your health or you feel overwhelmed, undervalued and anxious – come and experience this powerful and effective self-help tool.

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“I cannot thank Heidi enough for the EFT Tapping sessions. Not only did she make me feel better during and after the session but she also introduced me to this whole new technique that would serve me for the rest of my life. I’m already using the tapping exercises on a regular basis whenever I feel like I need it and the results are amazing. I feel liberated from my emotional blockage and peaceful.’ Thank you Heidi “

L Raivire

“Heidi is a highly experienced EFT Tapping Practitioner, who provides a private and comfortable setting where one feels both confident and safe to explore a positive future – everything being open to possibility.  Heidi’s professional business background, coupled with her sensitive nature and insightful intuition is a winning combination. Thank you Heidi, I thoroughly enjoyed working with you.”

Sarah H.

Everyone has noticed the positive changes

“I decided to work with Heidi after having an Intuitive Consultation, which highlighted my anxiety, stress and the underlying tiggers of why I have been feeling so on edge. I have never thought of getting any help for my traumatic upbringing. I was extremely nervous and unsure of what to expect. I’ve always believed in positive thinking but it just wasn’t helping me let go of the past. My negative emotions where getting the better of me, affecting my relationships and anxiety levels.

Since working with Heidi I’ve started to believe in myself again, restoring my faith that my ideas and thoughts are worthy. My friends, family and work colleagues have all commented on the amazing changes they have seen in me. Saying how much more positive and open I am. I’ve surprised myself that I’ve shared these past traumas that I have never spoken about before, and felt safe enough to do this. I appreciate being able to talk freely, express my emotions and tap through them until they have no emotional charge, it really is fascinating.

I find myself automatically thinking and reacting in totally different ways. I never thought this would be possible, but I’m to able to see my parents with a different perspective. Whatever this tapping is, I can only say, it really does work. It has taken time to work through but it is truly worth it. There are no amount of words that can describe what you have done for me already. From one business women and mother to another, it also reinforces we can be successful without feeling guilty. I continue to work with Heidi and highly recommend her .’ Thank you “

Sara T

Business Owner

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Bringing the gift of intuition, we get to the heart of what’s really going – we boldly go where you may have not been for a while – and work on any resistance or challenges that are keeping you stuck.

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