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Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) is an energy psychology technique that’s been changing people’s lives for many years. Used as an emotional healing tool to eliminate fear, anxiety, limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, pain, trauma and releasing and resolving past hurts.

If you feel triggered by the past, toxic people or situations, this is for you…

Emotional Freedom Technique finds and heals the hidden cause of self-sabotage and crushes the nagging inner critic that stops us living our dreams.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, undervalued, anxious, burnt-out or unhappy – come and experience this powerful and effective self-help tool. Make today the day you improve your relationship with yourself.

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Big shift in my physical and emotional wellbeing

Heidi’s expertise in Emotional Freedom Therapy combined with her intuition and knowledge of other complimentary therapies is life changing. I found that my life had stagnated – I couldn’t see the way ahead. But with Heidi’s guidance and patience I was able to release blocked emotions that were holding me back. The tapping seemed to have quite an immediate effect. Even after the first session I felt a big shift in my physical and emotional wellbeing as layers of emotions were peeled away as far back as my childhood.

If you are feeling anxious and concerned about the Corona Virus then Heidi will definitely be able to help you. (By reducing your anxiety you increase your body’s ability to fight infection)

I enjoyed and looked forward to my sessions with Heidi. She was professional, thoughtful and very intuitive and her insights into situations were second to none. She has given me back the power and confidence to move my life forward and to enjoy each day at a time. Thank you Heidi – you are wonderful!

Eleanor S

March 2020

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Bringing the gift of intuition, we get to the heart of what’s really going – we boldly go where you may have not been for a while – and work on any resistance or challenges that are keeping you stuck.

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