EFT Tapping Technique

Getting Started …

Learn the EFT Tapping Technique – Basic Tapping Points
Heidi Wells, EFT Practitioner, Emotional Wellbeing Coach, Intuitive Consultant, Twickenham TW2, London, 020 8894 7343 or 0771 4257461
The EFT SUDS Scale – The Subject Units of Distress (How you feel right now)
  Heidi Wells, EFT Practitioner, Emotional Wellbeing Coach, Intuitive Consultant, Twickenham TW2, London, 020 8894 7343 or 0771 4257461
  1. Identify the problem or presenting issue, problem, feeling or pain
  2. What number would you give it on the SUDS scale? The emotional charge your feel when you tune into this situation – Guess the number if you aren’t sure
  3. Write down in your journal what you are working on and the number from 1-10 on the emotional charge – this is so important as after tapping you may not realise how you felt before!
  4. Formulate at Set-Up Statement – The first part acknowledges how you feel and the second part is accepting it right now – this is an important step when working with EFT. EG. Even though I have…(this problem, issue, pain) I deeply and completely love and accept myself Even though I feel (state your emotion) – I accept where I am and how I feel There are so many variations you can use, but choose one that resonates with you and use your own words. Swear if you like, really tune into your emotions and how you feel.
  5. Tap on the Karate Chop point, this is the soft tissue on the side of your hand half way between your wrist and little finger (see above illustration). We tend to tap with Set-Up Statement about 3 times saying the whole phrase.
  6. Use a Reminder Phrase – this is a shorter version of the Set-Up Statement, it keeps us tuned into the negative feeling, pain or emotion that we are experiencing. We then lightly tap about 7 times on each of the following meridian points saying the reminder phrase out loud (See tapping points illustration). Tap at your own pace, don’t worry if you forget a place just carry on… start on the Eyebrow point EB Eyebrow point SE Side of the eye UE Under the eye UN Under the nose CH Chin – where you have a slight indentation CB Collarbone UA Under the arm – ladies this is about 4 inches down, about where your bra strap sits TH Top of the Head – in the middle a little to the back, you can tap here with all your fingers
  7. Tap a couple of rounds, take a few deep breathes and see how you feel. Note if your SUDS level has gone down, or up. What other emotions did you feel? sadness, anger, resentment, has your pain lessened or moved to a different part of your body etc.
  8. At this point you can either carry on tapping on what has come up. Formulate a new Set-Up Statement which reflects what you now want to work on and carry on tapping. Make sure you keep notes as you go along so you can see your progress or what other stuff lies beneath. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS JUST GIVING YOU A FEW STARTERS SO YOU CAN GET TAPPING STRAIGHT AWAY.

To help you get the most from EFT tapping here are a few basics tips.

When you begin to work on an issue always right it down, get a notebook and record your progress. There is a really good reason to do this. Believe it or not, sometimes after tapping we actually can’t remember how bad we were feeling! it is difficult to see how far you have come if you can’t remember where you started. Tune into your presenting issue/problem/pain. Give it a SUD’s score (how you are feeling) between 1 and 10. 10 being really intense and 1 being only a very slight emotional charge. Write it down! Tap! yes actually do it. Sounds daft, but reading about it, thinking about it and even knowing it will work and not doing – achieves nothing. If you are struggling to tap – tap on that. You can come up with your own set up statement because only you know how you really feel. Remember, not tapping maybe a symptom of self-sabotage. Secondary gains are common. When we logically truly want change but the benefits of the problem and the fear of letting it go are just to high. For example: if you have a physical issue and your family are doing things for you like the cooking and cleaning, friends come and see you and you enjoy the all the attention, that may feel like a benefit. But once you are better, all that would stop and things would get back to normal which you really weren’t happy with. Tapping on any secondary gain is key to really clearing your energetic charge and making last results. Set up statement: Even though I don’t want to tap – I accept myself and how I feel Even though this tapping may make me feel better and I am not sure I want to – I accept myself where I am right now Even though I keep forgetting to tap – I love myself and choose to tap right now

Be Really Specific

Focus your attention on the presenting issue. Let’s say you have a headache. Now you could just tap on ‘this headache’ and tap through all the points for a few rounds. This may well work, but to get the best result you would tap on the specifics. Even though I have this painful, throbbing headache on the left side of my temple and then tap the reminder through all the points. Tap through all the layers – Aspects

Simple example: Even though…..

  • I’m so unhappy that my boyfriend dumped me (emotions)
  • He looked at me with hate in his eyes (sensory)
  • It made me feel sick to the stomach (physical feeling)
  • Am I every going to find the perfect partner (future fear)
  • People always reject me (past stuff)
As you can see, a simple issue can be loaded with past stuff which is why is it is beneficial to work with a qualified and experienced practitioner.

Don’t give up too soon! – try to Tap for at least 15 minutes

If you tap for a short time you may experience the ‘one minute miracle’ these really do happen. But it is best to do your tapping for at least 15 minutes, maybe much longer depending on what you are working on. It is important to note that as you tap your feelings may change from anger to sadness for example. You will want to give yourself time to tap on all the changes, tap on the sadness and note where you are. Then back to the anger or whatever other emotion or layer you discover along the way.

Write down how you are feeling and measure the SUD’s Scale

This is so important, as I have mentioned before. EFT can be so powerful that when we tune back into an issue and measure our SUDS scale, you find it has reduced dramatically. In fact you feel no emotional charge at all! hooray! that is fantastic. But if you haven’t written down how you felt to begin with it is easy to think, well that didn’t work, I obviously was fine all along (yes this really does happen). Feel free to call me to arrange confidential chat, 020 8894 7343 or 0771 4257461 or drop me an email through the contact page.