Ignite – Coaching Program

The Ignite coaching program takes you on a journey of discovery. Re-igniting your passion, finding your purpose, and giving you the confidence and motivation to make positive changes.

If you’re struggling to achieve your goals on your own we work together every step of the way. I coach, mentor and inspire you to finally get where you want to be.

Your VisionYour goals and dreams
Your ValuesAre your values aligned with your dreams?
Your PassionWhat makes your heart sing?
The Way Forward   Creating a simple and exciting action plan
Transforming Beliefs Getting your mindset and beliefs on board
Raising your Vibe Visualisation, Intention, Gratitude, Meditation
Creating Daily Success Habits Momentum
Celebrate Honouring every small achievement along the way

Your goals and dreams – let’s make them happen!

Having a Coach with you all the way during times of change and challenge enhances your commitment, focus, mindset and motivation.

Supporting you all the way...

Career change, burn-out to bounce back or reignite your passion for life.  

Confidence, determination and a wealth of strategies

“When I contacted Heidi I was facing major changes concerning my working life which had become relentless and stressful. I had decided to go part-time and relinquish my Head of Department role. The reality of the situation however was not as easy as I thought. Heidi was incredibly perceptive about the issues that were holding me back and what my fears were. She used a wealth of strategies and knowledge to give me sound advice. She helped me to listen to my inner thoughts and intuition so as to work out the changes I need to make.

I enjoyed all the sessions and I found it so easy to unravel my thoughts to her as she is such a good listener. I have come away with renewed confidence and determination to do what I feel is best for me. I recommend Heidi’s life coaching to anyone who needs help in facing and dealing with life changing decisions.”

A Bryant – Head of Music

I’m free from the patterns and behaviours that once held me back

“After a few years of working with Heidi and her excellent coaching sessions, I decided to try EFT- to the enhancement of many aspects of my life!

Through Heidi’s sessions, I was able to work on deep seated emotions and beliefs, releasing and allowing me to move clearly forward, free from patterns of behaviour that once held me back.

I now incorporate EFT into my life daily and use it to manage emotion, stress and anxiousness.

With her fantastic knowledge, amazing coaching skills and incredible insight – Heidi has helped me through difficult, raw healing and I am deeply grateful for all she has done’

Emily J – Director 2022

I feel calmer, more confident and mentally stronger

I’ve been working regularly with Heidi over the past 6 months and in that time I feel like I’ve transformed back to my old true self after losing who I was for many years. Not only do I feel calmer, more grounded, confident and mentally stronger – but friends have also commented on how much happier and less anxious I am.

Heidi’s passion for EFT is evident and she has a gift for getting to the root of the problem – which is usually always a revelation to me. I feel safe confiding in embarrassing and personal matters and know she will understand without judgement. Her kind nature and sense of humour is greatly appreciated too. Heidi is an absolute pleasure to work with and she feels like a friend.

Personally, I have seen more results in using EFT methods than with any other traditional therapies I have tried. Once you learn how to tap you can take this tool and apply it to any situation you encounter going forward in life. You’ve got nothing to lose and there are no side-effects. I would recommend anyone gives EFT a try no matter what your problem is. Thank you, Heidi

Nadene K – Designer August 2020

Freedom of holistic life coaching

Ignite 6 month coaching program

Aligning your energy with your dreams

We work together for 6 months to find your passion and purpose, creating a plan for manifesting the life you wish to live.

Your first session is 90 minutes and further sessions are 75 minutes

In-between sessions include:

Email / text contact and 15 minute laser coaching for motivation, mindset, accountability, inspiration and guidance on any immediate challenges you may be facing.

We create a simple, fun, strategic and uplifting plan of action. Small steps to big life changes.

Your investment £1597 

(payment plan on request)

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