Happiness is an inside job

We carry the past around like a heavy sack - lets unload it together!

Time for an emotional detox?

How would you like more peace, confidence, motivation and self-esteem? To sleep better, enjoy more loving relationships, progress in your career, lose weight easily, attract more money and happy experiences?

Stress and anxiety prevent us from seeing clearly, making it almost impossible for positive change.

EFT Tapping (scientifically proven energy psychology now approved by NICE for government research for PTSD) is a deeply transformational technique that brings powerful and lasting change – don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity!

Emotional Freedom Technique is being used successfully by over 10 million people around the world, give it a try… the benefits can be astounding!

I call it the self-esteem solution.

Tapping changes the way you feel about yourself. Healing the past trauma and hurt you have experienced and empowering you to deal with any difficult or toxic people around you. You feel calmer, more confident, assertive and free to make healthier choices and life changing decisions.

You’ll begin to see things from a different perspective, no longer ruled by subconscious limiting beliefs and patterns. We peel away the layers and you discover a whole new world of life loving you and you loving your life.

EFT truly changed my life, you can read my story on the about Heidi page.

Emotional Freedom Technique, Success Coaching and Intuitive Consultations combine many tools I’ve learnt over the past 25 years to give you the greatest results.

Helping you tap into success without the stress

and find peace, empowerment and happiness.