Emotional Freedom Technique

Time to leave the past behind and take control of your mindset and emotions?

Would you like more peace, confidence, motivation and self-esteem?

To sleep better, enjoy more loving relationships, progress in your career, lose weight easily, attract more money and happy experiences?

Stress and anxiety prevent us from seeing clearly, making it almost impossible for positive change.

Emotional Freedom Technique – Tapping (scientifically proven energy psychology now approved by NICE for government research for PTSD) is a deeply transformational technique that brings powerful and lasting change – don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity!

Emotional Freedom Technique is being used successfully by over 10 million people around the world, give it a try… the benefits can be astounding!

I call it the self-esteem solution – taking control of your boundaries and loving yourself more.

Tapping changes the way you feel about yourself. Healing the past trauma and hurt you have experienced and empowering you to deal with any difficult or toxic people around you. You feel calmer, more confident, assertive and free to make healthier choices and life changing decisions.

You’ll begin to see things from a different perspective, no longer ruled by subconscious limiting beliefs and patterns. We peel away the layers and you discover a whole new world of life loving you and you loving your life.

EFT truly changed my life, you can read my story on the about Heidi page.

Whatever we work on, be it emotional mastery, personal development, career or business coaching, I bring the gift of heightened intuition and a sense of humour to the process.

I’m an accredited EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, accredited Life Coach, Mindfulness Teacher and Intuitive Consultant. I combine the many practical and energy tools I’ve learnt over the past 25 years to give you the greatest results.

Happiness is an inside job…

Having worked with 100’s of women over the years and recognised the need to delve deeper to achieve real and lasting change, I now offer Emotional Freedom Technique within my Coaching Sessions and it’s been truly life changing.

Heidi helped me recover from burnout, move forward with acceptance and strengthen my boundaries

I contacted Heidi when I’d reached burnout because of my job, family responsibilities and the pandemic. I was experiencing a huge range of overwhelming emotions and didn’t feel I had a clear path forwards. I’d heard about EFT used to treat trauma. However a friend mentioned it had helped them with burnout so I decided to give it a try.

I was quite unsure what to expect but even after one session I felt that tapping gave me some control back and something positive to focus on. The more I did EFT the more I discovered layers of emotion.

After working with Heidi for a few months I realised my energy and enthusiasm was returning and I started exploring applying for new jobs. It was very much a gradual process of recovery and setting up new patterns. Heidi is very pragmatic and flexible so as well as EFT she was helpful in a more general sense as a sounding board, cheerleader, and offering suggestions on how to move forward professionally once I was ready.

I think what surprised me most about EFT was that it worked without me needing to understand how and why it did. That was quite liberating in itself and helped me start to trust myself again.

I’m now waiting to hear back about some job opportunities but most importantly I feel strong in knowing what I want and what I will accept. I found EFT helped first with recovering my energy and then strengthening my boundaries and faith in myself. It has been noticeable to friends than my ‘bounce’ has come back.

I would recommend EFT with Heidi to anyone who is burning out or feels stuck in their life direction.

C B – Dr & Manager 2022

I’m free from the patterns and behaviours that once held me back

“After a few years of working with Heidi and her excellent coaching sessions, I decided to try EFT- to the enhancement of many aspects of my life!

Through Heidi’s sessions, I was able to work on deep seated emotions and beliefs, releasing and allowing me to move clearly forward, free from patterns of behaviour that once held me back.

I now incorporate EFT into my life daily and use it to manage emotion, stress and anxiousness.

With her fantastic knowledge, amazing coaching skills and incredible insight – Heidi has helped me through difficult, raw healing and I am deeply grateful for all she has done’

Emily J – Director 2022

I’ve overcome years of public speaking anxiety and it feels like a dream

I came to Heidi just ready to see some real change! I was fed up of struggling with a debilitating fear of public speaking and despite seeking help over a number of years, nothing quite worked. Any success was temporary at best.

I had four sessions with Heidi and all I can say is wow! I am literally unrecognisable ( or at least my ‘fear’ of public speaking is) from the first day. Whilst working with Heidi I was able to present in two different meetings (one small, one large 300  + attendees) where I was very very nervous beforehand. On the days I presented with ease and used the tips from our sessions to keep the nerves at bay! I still can’t quite believe it; feels like a dream.

The possibility that I may have gotten rid of this thing for good is very exciting but also scary in that it opens up a whole new world for me. I feel I can now accept projects I’ve avoided in the past because they had a huge element of visibility. This is definitely a very interesting change for me and I look forward to the opportunities it will present me in future. 

Heidi is different from everyone I’ve sought help from in the past; she creates this unusual environment of support, guidance and just letting you be, she (somehow) understands almost instinctively what the issue is and this surprised me a few times during our sessions. This approach helped me to relax and trust her.

Her combination of skills also accelerated my results. I’d like to continue to work with Heidi to really deal with some long-held beliefs about different aspects of my life. I would highly (HIGHLY) recommend her services and in fact I’ve already recommended Heidi to a friend.

Lucia O – Director – Jan 2022

I feel calmer, more confident and mentally stronger

I’ve been working regularly with Heidi over the past 6 months and in that time I feel like I’ve transformed back to my old true self after losing who I was for many years. Not only do I feel calmer, more grounded, confident and mentally stronger – but friends have also commented on how much happier and less anxious I am.

Heidi’s passion for EFT is evident and she has a gift for getting to the root of the problem – which is usually always a revelation to me. I feel safe confiding in embarrassing and personal matters and know she will understand without judgement. Her kind nature and sense of humour is greatly appreciated too. Heidi is an absolute pleasure to work with and she feels like a friend.

Personally, I have seen more results in using EFT methods than with any other traditional therapies I have tried. Once you learn how to tap you can take this tool and apply it to any situation you encounter going forward in life. You’ve got nothing to lose and there are no side-effects. I would recommend anyone gives EFT a try no matter what your problem is. Thank you, Heidi

Nadene K – Designer August 2020