High Vibe - Fast Forward Coaching

supporting you all the way... career change, burn-out to bounce-back or reignite your passion for life.

High Vibe Coaching is unique because each session takes you on a journey of discovery. Re-igniting your passion, finding your purpose giving you the confidence and motivation to make positive changes.

If you’re struggling to achieves your goals on your own we work together every step of the way. I coach, mentor and inspire you to finally get where you want to be.

Your VisionYour goals and dreams

Your ValuesAre your values aligned with your dreams?

Your Passion What makes your heart sing?

The Way Forward   Creating a simple and exciting action plan 

Transforming Beliefs Getting your mindset and beliefs on board

Raising your Vibe Visualisation, Law of Attraction, Intention, Gratitude, Meditation

Creating Daily Success Habits Momentum

Celebrate Honouring every small achievement along the way

Your goals and dreams – let’s make them happen!

Having a Coach with you all the way during times of change and challenge enhances your commitment, focus, mindset and motivation.

Contact me on 020 8894 7343 / 0771 4257461 or email me at hello@heidiwells.com to arrange a strategy call.

High Vibe Coaching…

Fast Forward Coaching via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

Your vision – coaching, mentoring and inspiring you all the way

6 Month Fast Forward Coaching Programme

Align your energy with your dreams

Your first appointment is 75 minutes.

12 x 1 hour sessions – either in person or via Skype or FaceTime.

In-between sessions include:
Email / text contact and 15 minute phone check-in’s for motivation, accountability, inspiration and guidance on any immediate challenges you may be facing.

We create a simple, fun, strategic and uplifting plan of action. Small steps to big life changes.


Helping you tap into success without the stress

and find peace, empowerment and happiness.