EFT Tapping Twickenham for Calm, Confident, Unshakable Self-Belief

by resolving emotional trauma, limiting beliefs, habits and subconscious self-sabotage

EFT Tapping Sessions in Twickenham

Confidence and self-belief assured…

Together we unravel your story, your history, the key to your beliefs, habits and behaviours. What happened and where you’ve picked up sabotaging thoughts, beliefs, fears and feelings that are keeping you stuck, stressed and feeling not good enough.

Safely and gently we release past hurt, trauma or emotional baggage that set you off on this path. Once you start clearing these beliefs you naturally become more confident, assertive and start taking control of situations that no longer make you happy.

During your EFT sessions you tap (being guided) on various meridian points around your body while focusing on the problem. Sending vibrations along the energy paths which work by unblocking and rebalancing your energy system.

Tapping removes irrational or excessive reactions such as anxiety, fear, anger and hurt which lead to the unhelpful beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck.

Even if you’ve tried everything else, this really is a simple, almost magical way of clearing emotional baggage for good.

It’s totally life-changing when you don’t feel emotionally triggered or anxious by past incidents, difficult people or situations anymore. Friends and family will be amazed and intrigued by the calm, strong and positive changes in you. I know this because of the incredible results..

Clients say they feel more relaxed, confident and genuinely happier. You’ll learn this simple, effective tool that you can use any time and any where.

Resolving and releasing….

  • Anxiety
  • Stress 
  • Limiting beliefs  
  • Negative and relentless thinking
  • Self-sabotage
  • Low self-esteem
  • Procrastination
  • Unhappy events
  • Emotional eating / cravings
  • Public speaking fears
  • Physical pain
  • Trauma

and creating…

  • A positive outlook
  • Confidence and self belief
  • Self love and acceptance
  • Calm under pressure
  • Clearer decision making
  • Assertiveness
  • Success mindset
  • Relationship harmony
  • Healthy relationship with food

Please note, I’m not a medical practitioner and for any health issues please see your doctor. 

EFT Tapping Twickenham

One to one sessions with Heidi Wells

Throughout your EFT Tapping Sessions, we will be working to uncover, identify and resolve the emotional effects of past events that are stopping you from living your life to the full. Increasing natural self-confidence, self-belief, assertiveness and motivation. How many sessions will you need?  It’s difficult to say. Some women may only need a few sessions and others may have deep rooted or complex issues that require a longer time to work through. 

Try it - Experience the amazing power of EFT Tapping in Twickenham

This session is 75 minutes.

Together we will create a simple tapping plan of action for you to incorporate into your everyday life.

Please note we won’t be dealing with deep rooted issues but you will experience the power of Tapping to shift your emotional intensity during times of stress or when feeling triggered by people or situations.


4 x Transforming Beliefs / Anxiety Release / Self Esteem - EFT Tapping in Twickenham

Your first appointment is 90 minutes.

3 remaining sessions are approximately 75 minutes.

Full email / text support, guidance and 15 minute tapping between sessions by phone if needed.

Together we will create a simple tapping plan of action for you to use everyday inbetween sessions.


(Please fill out a short questionnaire to highlight what you would like to work on. If you have any questions please call or email me)

8 x Transforming Beliefs / Anxiety Release / Self Esteem- EFT Tapping in Twickenham

Your first appointment is 90 minutes.

7 remaining sessions are approximately 75 minutes.

Full email / text support, guidance and 15 minute tapping between sessions by phone if needed.

Together we will create a simple tapping plan of action for you to use everyday inbetween sessions.


(Please fill out a short questionnaire to highlight what you would like to work on. If you have any questions please call or email me)


At your first 2 hour appointment we create your Empowering Vision. You get totally clear on your goals and desires and for many people this brings up feelings and vibrations of ‘It’s not possible’ which resonates in your vibration and becomes your reality. Many of these beliefs are below our conscious awareness and run as unhelpful and self sabotaging patterns!

Create your vision board, we can do this together or have fun with it at home.

We use the rest of your sessions to tap through your limiting beliefs, raise your vibe and mindset to attract, receive and accept all the fabulous experiences you really want.

11 remaining sessions are approximately 90 minutes each.

Full email support, emergency 15 minute top-up tapping by phone or Skype.

Guidance and inspiration between sessions

8 page e-book – Small steps to big change

You will also be given a simple plan of action to work on at home


Happy Clients…

Remarkable Shifts

Heidi holds a powerful space safe in which you find emotions arising that you didn’t even know that you had. She is able to guide you deeper into your wounds in a way that is profound whilst fun and loving. When she taps with you she is able to discern the exact words that help you understand and move what’s been blocking you.

She has helped me move beyond patterns that have kept me stuck for many years now. The shift is remarkable. If you are looking for lasting, transformative change then I strongly recommend Heidi.

P Chana

Negative to Positive Feelings!

Thank you for the great experience of EFT.  This has really helped my current difficulties and emotional situation. I know it works, when I came to see Heidi I was upset and anxious and when leaving felt at ease with myself. Heidi was very understanding and adapted to my needs. I’m really glad I went to her for help.

I’m going to continue tapping and will continue to see Heidi in the future to look at other aspects of my life. I recommend trying life-changing technique to everybody, you don’t even realise how your feelings change naturally from the negative to positive!  Thank you Heidi

T. Gill

I’ve finally let go of toxic relationships, emotional eating and found true self-worth

Before working with Heidi I’d been in a highly toxic and manipulative relationship for 3 years and I couldn’t let it go. I felt lost, stressed and anxious. I was over-eating, had low self-esteem and was really unhappy.

On reflection, I was not being valued because I didn’t value myself very much. After using EFT tapping, my feelings of neediness and guilt are gone and with it the relationship! No more emotional triggers and I feel free!

During the 8 sessions we worked through many issues that I was going through. Lots of things from my past came up, stuff that I hadn’t realised had affected my confidence and self-worth so deeply. I went through a roller coster of emotions during our sessions but always felt safe and in good hands.

Heidi has been really supportive, always ensuring we had finished what we were working on and going over time to ensure I got the most benefit and I am so grateful.

She has been a fantastic Coach and EFT Therapist. Helping me find direction during these months of confusion. I’ve found the  clarity and confidence to move forward and feel much happier.

I no longer struggle with emotional eating and even enjoy exercise. I’ve learnt how to love myself and stop putting up with toxic relationships. I’ve done so many things from my “to do list ” which I’d been procrastinating over for ages.

If you’re going through a difficult time, feel unlovable, stuck or anxious like I did – I would highly recommend working with Heidi. My life has changed so much. Heidi is wise, kind, caring and very professional.

Thank you. (Update: Wow! recently met a lovely man and early days of a new, healthy relationship)

A Mellor

Confident and safe to explore a positive future,

“Heidi is a highly experienced and provides a private and comfortable setting where one feels both confident and safe to explore a positive future – everything being open to possibility.  Heidi’s professional business background, coupled with her sensitive nature and insightful intuition is a winning combination. Thank you Heidi, I thoroughly enjoyed working with you.”

Sara B.

So happy with the results – I’ve finally let go of some deep held emotions

When I first started my EFT sessions with Heidi I felt very low and deflated and had pangs of anxiety that would start in my stomach and spread up into my chest.

I had heard about EFT and so came in with an open mind looking to overcome my anxiety and fear of public speaking. Having know Heidi for many years through her Intuitive Consultations and Coaching, I had a lot of trust in her.

I had several realisations during my sessions and I found that EFT cleared away the cobwebs of old unwanted thoughts and feelings that where holding me back. Literally a clear out of my mind. I had been bogged down by other people’s perceptions of me, the decisions they thought I should have made and their judgements of where they thought I should be in life.

EFT has helped support me to look after my emotional state and not be upset or triggered by other people’s agendas and opinions.

I had a big event coming up that I was dreading and I really didn’t want to celebrate. I mentioned this in one of my sessions and unbeknown to me I had a massive emotional blockage around it. It was extremely emotional during the session as I was going back to a very sad event but I felt safe to explore it with Heidi. This was by far one of my biggest break-throughs. I left the session feeling exhausted but with a lot less baggage. Consequently, I ended up organising the celebration with a totally different perspective and had an absolute ball. This was a few weeks ago and I am still feeling the positive effects.

I am very happy with the results. I now feel less exposed emotionally and calmer in myself.

In terms of public speaking, I still have nerves in this area but not anxiety (which is quite normal). Before seeing Heidi if I had to introduce myself to a group of people, my heart would pound so loud that it was all that I could hear. I now feel calmer going into situations where I have to do public speaking and feel I have got my voice back.

Heidi is highly intuitive, has great insight and is a compassionate EFT Practitioner. In my experience EFT is something that can have immediate effect, but releasing some deep held emotions does take time, have patience I’m so glad I did! Doing the Tapping homework also helps.

I would thoroughly recommend working with Heidi,  All the best Juliet H x

(Update: Got excited when I thought I had to stand up and speak in front of my new colleagues and felt really disappointed to find out I didn’t have to!)

Brilliant approach to tackle anxiety and I’m so much more positive now

I was feeling very skeptical about seeing a coach but knew I needed help with my anxiety. Heidi was so warm, welcoming and patient and gave me the confidence to share my feelings without any judgement.

The coaching and EFT sessions have helped me change my mindset and I think so much more positively now. The tools and techniques I have learnt will now always be part of my life.

I highly recommend Heidi and EFT / Coaching – thank you. Riann K

Helping you tap in to your true potential

and find peace, empowerment and happiness.