Confidence & Emotional Wellbeing Program

Success without the Stress

This program is for you if…

Would you love to say goodbye to stress, self-doubt and imposter syndrome so you can finally feel 100% confident in yourself and achieve your big ambitions for your work and life?

If you answered “Yes”, then I’m here to help you,

My name is “Heidi Wells” and I am a Mindset & Emotional Wellbeing Expert for highly driven professionals like yourself.

I can help you achieve the success you desire without the stress you currently feel…

But right now you might feel a million miles away from how you want to feel in your work and life,

Because you are struggling with…

  • You feel stressed and overwhelmed trying to balance all the pressures from work and demands on you from family, and you know this can’t continue


  • You know that your self-doubt, frequently second guessing yourself and lack of self-belief are stopping you achieving the career success and life you truly desire


  • Your fear of public speaking and being visible at work in meetings, is holding you back from making the impact you’d love to be making


  • Trying to meet others’ expectations of you all the time, and “be perfect” is resulting in you working harder and harder, but you know that you are missing out as you have no time for you or what matters to you anymore


  • You’ve lost your connection to your joy, purpose, passion and what truly lights you up and you’d love to know how to reignite it so you can feel happy and fulfilled again

I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be this way,

You can change your mindset and change your life..

By combining years of coaching experience, EFT Tapping and Intuitive Insight, I can help you make powerful inner changes in every area of your life.

Through our work together I will show you how to get to the real reason you are struggling and share with you simple techniques you can use to experience massive transformational change.

Here’s some of the ways our work together can benefit you:


  • You’ll learn how to master your emotions so you can feel calm and peaceful even when you are under pressure

  • You’ll stop the internal negative self-talk that is causing you to doubt yourself and limiting your career/business success

  • You’ll feel unstoppable self-confidence and self-belief and know you can create your reality and achieve the success you truly desire in work and life

  • You’ll establish healthy boundaries in your relationships so you can have work-life balance and time for you

  • You’ll feel empowered to take your career to the next level and find yourself achieving your big goals with ease

  • You’ll increase your connection with your intuition and start to trust yourself and your inner power

  • You’ll be inspired and supported every step of the way from someone who believes in you and your dreams as much as you do.

Here’s some ways I can help…

Sessions online with Heidi via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime.

Throughout your coaching sessions, we will be working to uncover, identify and resolve the emotional effects of past events that are stopping you from living your life to the full.

How many sessions will you need?  It’s difficult to say. Some women may only need a few sessions and others may have deep rooted or complex issues that require a longer time to work through. 

Blocks Buster Power 90

This powerful one-off blocks buster session is for previous clients who want to work on a specific goal and need clarity, motivation and overcome overwhelm an procrastination

90 minute


'Success without the Stress' Confidence & Emotional Wellbeing 2 Month Program'

Your first session will be a deep-dive intensive lasting for 90 minutes.

Then you will experience 7 weeks of 1 hour sessions.

During this 60 day program you’ll receive email and text support, guidance and 15-minute laser coaching between sessions by phone if needed.

Together we will create a simple plan of action for you to follow between sessions.

8 Sessions

Your investment £897

(Payment plan on request- Terms & Conditions apply)

(Please fill out a short questionnaire to highlight what you would like to work on. If you have any questions please call, email or book a free 30-minute clarity call)

‘Success without the Stress’ Confidence, Wellbeing, Goals, Mindset, Motivation with a sprinkle of Magic

6 Month Program

At your first 2 hour appointment, we create your Empowering Vision.

You’ll get totally clear on your goals and desires.

You’ll discover how to make your dreams a reality and kick-start self-sabotaging patterns to the curb.

Many of these beliefs are below our conscious awareness and run in the background of our thinking.

We use the rest of your sessions to tap through your limiting beliefs, and raise your vibe and mindset to attract, receive and accept all the fabulous experiences you really want.

We meet twice a month and sessions are approximately 75 minutes.

Full accountability, guidance, inspiration and email, phone or text support, 15-minute top-up tapping/coaching in-between sessions.

8-page e-book – Small steps to big change

You will also be given a simple plan of action to work on at home

12 Sessions

Your investment £1597

Monthly Payment plan on request

(Terms & Conditions apply)